Appraising Your Coins

Please call ahead to ensure that the correct person is in and available to do the appraisal.
Allow enough time for the appraisal. Showing up near closing time, for example, doesn't allow time for a complete evaluation of your collection.
Let us know why you are having the collection appraised (estate, insurance, other) so the correct documentation and valuation can be determined.
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What you can do.

Never, ever clean, dip, polish, scrub or in any way attempt to clean your coins. This will greatly reduce the value and may make the coin worthless.
Do not open any plastic cases or coins sealed in clear envelopes. Bring any boxes, envelopes or slip cases the coins may have come in.

Sort coins by type and denomination. For example, sorting all of your Lincoln Wheat Pennies, Mercury Dimes, etc. into separate bags or containers speeds the process.

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All appraisals are subject to fees at the discretion of Smith's Coins.